Our Favorite Things #6: El Grande de Coca Cola & House of Flowers

Every week director Robert W Schneider and actor Kevin David Thomas pull back the curtain on neglected, forgotten, and under appreciated musicals, as well as bizarre performances, endearing television appearances, and all things show business.

This week: La fiesta en el teatro es muy offensivo and Pearl Bailey lets it go!

3 thoughts on “Our Favorite Things #6: El Grande de Coca Cola & House of Flowers

  1. The original EL GRANDE DE COCA-COLA played at the Mercer Arts Center (before it fell to the ground) in 1973, and played for quite a while. I was one of the authors, actor & directors of the show.
    It was discovered at the Edinburgh Fringe Theatre Festival by the producers Jack Temchin, Gil Adler and John A. Vaccaro, who brought us to the USA.
    The show still plays to this day, 46 years later, for which I am extremely grateful, and frequently directed and revised by another original cast member, Alan Shearman. Thanks for your interest and for the Podcast, greatly appreciated.

    John Neville-Andrews

    • John! What an honor to hear from you. I got to see it in Santa Monica a few years ago and we just had on Richard Frankel who worked on the show as well. Thanks for so many laughs!

      • I heard the Richard Frankel Podcast, very nice. We had many ‘very interesting’ times over the years he was us, Low Moan Spectacular, great and whacky period in our lives. Keep up the good work with BTC, I’m hooked now.

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