Our Favorite Things #45: Striking 12 & The Making of No, No Nanette

Every week director Robert W Schneider and actor Kevin David Thomas pull back the curtain on neglected, forgotten, and under appreciated musicals, as well as bizarre performances, endearing television appearances, and all things show business.

This week: Updating Hans Christian Anderson & inventing the nostalgia musical


2 thoughts on “Our Favorite Things #45: Striking 12 & The Making of No, No Nanette

  1. I read the making of No, No, Nanette in the 70’s after being in a summer stock production at 16yo with a great cast. Virginia Mayo, Ken Berry, Jackie Joesph , Kathleen Friedman. What a ball-a beach ball! Years later I did it again in Hollywood at the old Masquers Club, what was like the Hollywood Canteen in the day, and was the sleeper hit of the summer pulling them out of bankruptcy until they sold it for apartment buildings.
    It is one of my all time favorite shows and deserves a big broadway revival not just a limit run like some years ago. Get Sutton Foster before she can play Sue as Nanette. Great, great show. Oddly I found the book again last year and started rereading it now with so much more interest knowing and being from theater and these people. When I read it first in paperback the cover was totally different than this hard copy. I’m passing the book on to cast members I’m still in touch with from the Hollywood show in 1982. And speak to Jackie Joseph about our production in the 70’s. Great memories

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