#56 RON FASSLER, Author of “Up In The Cheap Seats”


Imagine taking the proceeds from your paper route, training into NYC by yourself, and, for only $2, seeing the original 1776, Company, Follies, Pippin, and 196 other shows. And, at your tender age, writing a detailed review of what you just saw. Well, that’s exactly what our guest Ron Fassler has done.

Before he was known as one of the industry’s most reliable character actors, Ron was a theatre junkie, not only seeing these shows, but walking backstage to meet some of the theatre’s greatest stars. Now, its all in his new book, Up In The Cheap Seats, available here: https://griffithmoon.com/cheapseats/

In his time with Rob and Kevin, Ron not only discusses his book but why he thought Hello, Dolly! was “gripping”, what advice his teenage-self wanted to give Stephen Sondheim on how to fix Company, and how an insult to James Earl Jones was embraced by the great actor.


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