Our Favorite Things #70: Egregiously Overlooked Tony Nominations

In 1996, when Julie Andrews was the only artist involved with Victor/Victoria to receive a Tony nomination, she withdrew her name from the ballot. In a statement, she said, “I have searched my conscience and my heart and find that I cannot accept this nomination, and prefer instead to stand with the egregiously overlooked –”

On this Favorite Thing, Rob, Kevin, and Tony Award historian Bryan Hobgood look at those artists from the 2016-2017 Season who were egregiously overlooked and duke it out over who should’ve been nominated!


2 thoughts on “Our Favorite Things #70: Egregiously Overlooked Tony Nominations

  1. Ruby Lewis in Paramour was overlooked. She IS stunning, and will be the star that she played. I know it’s “A Star is Born , without the bad stuff, but it has lots of LaLa Land vibe and they were all overlooked this year.

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