#72 KEN BILLINGTON, Lighting Designer


Curtain up! Light the lights….literally, because this week’s guest is Tony Award winning lighting designer Ken Billington, Ken swings by Shetler Studios to discuss his over one hundred Broadway credits including Sweeney Todd, Chicago, and On the 20th Century.


Ken pulls back the curtain on his career to discuss how he was the first to use moving lights in a Broadway musical, what was the moment his parents were truly impressed with his choice of career, and why you should always look your best on tech day!


Also, Ken shines the spotlight on Susan Stroman, Hal Prince, and Bob Fosse!


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2 thoughts on “#72 KEN BILLINGTON, Lighting Designer

  1. Thank you for interviewing someone on the tech side of theater! I would love to hear from more designers, stage hands, and especially stage managers!

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