#80 LARRY GROSSMAN, Composer


Yes, mama, there’s a rainbow but stop looking at it long enough to listen to Tony nominated composer Larry Grossman discuss what it was like not only working on Minnie’s Boys, Goodtime Charley, Grind, A Doll’s Life, and Snoopy, but to discuss what it was like working with Bing Crosby, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, and the Muppets!


Larry pulls back the curtain on his career to discuss how he won over Groucho Marx, what it was like working with Shelley Winters, and why Goodtime Charley will one day be appreciated (plus, who was slated to originally star in Goodtime Charley will blow your mind!)


Also, Larry shines the spotlight on Joel Grey, Hal Prince, and Kermit the Frog!


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