Our Favorite Things #101: Kwamina & Car 54, Where Are You?

This Week: Looking back at Cole Porter’s Happy New Year. The joys of resolutions. Discussing Applause and the length of those songs. Fangirling on social media. Saraving Under The Influence.  The backstage saga of Kwamina. Richard Adler and Sally Anne Howes have some “creative differences.” Party lines are not so fun. Finding a Law and Order with a laugh track. Charlotte Rae wants to love Little Miss Pioneer. Lainie Kazan gets dumped for Katherine Helmond while Jean Stapleton stands by. George S. Irving sings a solo and 142 Tickets on the Aisle.


Every week director Robert W Schneider and actor Kevin David Thomas pull back the curtain on neglected, forgotten, and under appreciated musicals, as well as bizarre performances, endearing television appearances, and all things show business.


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3 thoughts on “Our Favorite Things #101: Kwamina & Car 54, Where Are You?

  1. I’ve been unable to download episodes since the beginning of January…I admit I’m using an ancient iPhone 4, but other podcasts are downloading as always. But all the 2018 BTC episodes bring up an “Unable to Download Podcast” window. Was a change made that might be causing this? Thanks–I hate to miss a minute of what you guys do!

    • Hi, Mike! Thanks for the kind words. Nothing has been changed but we will look into this. In the meantime, can you head on over to Stitcher where we are as well!

  2. Loved your Car 54 Favorite thing–I just rewatched all the episodes and Charlotte Rae is hysterical. BTW Paul Reed who played Captain Block had a great career in musicals including playing RHMacy in Here’s Love and you can hear him on the cast album of Promises Promises

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