Our Favorite Things #107: Jane Eyre & The Grand Tour

This Week: Kevin takes a break, Rob goes to Palm Springs, the reenactment of Charlotte Rae, Professor Rob Explains Live TV Dramas, Chinese gravestones….yes, Chinese gravestones, the pop-opera that came and went, celebrating Paul Gordon, when tech holds down a process, Alanis Morissette wants to be David Merrick, The Curse Of The Show Boat Overture, The Emcee tries to disappear, and Pizza and Showtunes!


Every week director Robert W Schneider and actor Kevin David Thomas pull back the curtain on neglected, forgotten, and under appreciated musicals, as well as bizarre performances, endearing television appearances, and all things show business.


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2 thoughts on “Our Favorite Things #107: Jane Eyre & The Grand Tour

  1. Thanks for highlighting The Grabd Tour. I saw the original ( have a window poster) and love the score and the show. But you missed the key point of the plot—the Colonel is an aristocratic anti Semite and he and Jacobwsky are polar opposites. The journey they take helps them to understand each other culminating in the song “You I Like”. This was the theme of the play and the Danny Kaye film, I have spoken to Florence Lacey about the show and she told meJerry Herman hopes the show would launch her to Stardom. My favorite song from the show is “I Belong Here”!

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