#190 INGA SWENSON, Actress


SHOWS: New Faces of 1956, 110 in the Shade, Baker Street

One of Broadway’s most legendary sopranos, Tony nominee Inga Swenson, joins Rob and Kevin via phone to look back on her incredible career which includes films like The Miracle Worker, television like Benson and The Golden Girls, and theater credits including New Faces of 1956, Peer Gynt, Camelot, 110 in the Shade, Baker Street and many others!


Inga pulls back the curtain on her career to discuss how she ruffled the feathers of Shelley Winters, what it was like being dressing roommates with Dame Maggie Smith, and why she sued David Merrick!


Also, Inga shines the spotlight on Tyrone Guthrie, Fritz Weaver, and Richard Burton!


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