Modern Songwriting Techniques You Might Want to Know About

Modern songwriting methodologies differ from standard strategies in the sense of the technology concerned, and this has a direct effect on the songwriting process, may it even be for a birthday song for your cousin’s birthday party next week. Today’s multi-track recorders and computer software, in my private opinion, make allowance for a much bigger level of creativeness and freedom in composing music.

In reality, the utilization of recording devices can help you conjure up inspiration when all of the approaches have failed.

Imagine the following eventuality : you have been strumming some chords on your guitar for the past 30 minutes, but nothing is really grabbing you. It’s frustrating as you actually do need some new material. So, you make a decision to plug-in to your multi-track recorder for a bit.

First, you choose to lay down an easy drumbeat in 4/4 time. You play it back in your headphones while strumming along on your guitar. You like what you are hearing, so you record that, too, and play back both tracks to find out how they sound together. Now, you start strumming a totally new rhythm and humming along under your breath. Words and phrases and images that fit are starting to pop into your head.

Before you know it, you are smack in the middle of writing a new song with modern songwriting techniques!

It is much easier to target your attention and use your mind when just sitting and listening to the music being played back to you than it is to listen while you are playing the music with your own hands.

It also helps to put you in the attitude of the listener or audience member.

So, the next time you are feeling stuck, turn on your house recording equipment if you’ve got any, and give these modern songwriting techniques a try!

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